We offer the following classes to individuals, groups, and at events:

  • Transgressive roleplay
  • Creating intensity in your life
  • How to create spiritual/cathartic scenes for atheists
  • Aftercare for spiritual and intense scenes
  • Radical politics and BDSM
  • Bloodplay 101

If you are planning a transgressive experience, and want to share it with at least one other person, we will do our best to come and be there for you. It might be a piece of art that no one else will understand, it might be a solitary act of fealty to a god no one else worships, it might be oaths exchanged in blood and blessing that would cause you to be ostracized in your community. If we can, we will be there, and we will love you.

If you have an event that you want to document but feel you do not have the beingpower, the technical skill, or simply that no one else could possibly understand what you are trying to do, we will help if we can.

Scene design and facilitation
If you have an emotional headspace you feel you need to get to through intense experiences but do not have the technical capacity or people to help you, we can work with you to find the best way to turn your vision into a reality.

Ritual design and facilitation
If you have a ritual you would like to run and feel that it is outside the comfort zone of your fellow practitioners or that you lack the beingpower to accomplish it we can give our input on the best way to accomplish what you want.