Our Story

We come from a place of privilege. We are young, our bodies fit within the boundaries of conventional western beauty, from nations in the global north. Our childhoods were free from want, free from fear, free from censorship, free from persecution.

Then we woke up.

For some of us travel was our alarum. Interactions with people living blasted broken lives torn by war and woe. Who exist in backbreaking poverty without even the ability to visualize that there might be alternatives. For some it was reading, for some it was personal encounters with tragedy, poverty, or trauma.

We woke up, and like any decent people would, we decided that we would make the biggest difference possible and started trying to figure out how. We trod the well beaten path of the activist. We realized that working in developing nations was inefficient because sadly the actions of people in global south are often dictated by people in global north. We perceived that the people destroying the world were our fathers, our grandfathers, our brothers, our loved ones, and us. We studied ourselves, we worked in entrepreneurship, we worked in the corporate world, we worked as bureaucrats in the government, we experimented with becoming part of “the system” so as to be able to change it from with in. And, like our intellectual ancestors before us, came to the obvious-in-hindsight conclusion that “the system” is broken. We studied critiques of “the system”. Feminist critiques, environmentalist critiques, libertarian critiques, anarchist critiques, socialist critiques, racial critiques, and, in the infinite wisdom that comes with being in your early 20s, decided that in our culture the following five problems were the most pressing:

  • Lack of humility
  • Lack of intensity
  • Lack of forethought
  • Lack of compassion
  • Lack of the numinous
These are daunting problems and if we vowed to solve them we would be guilty of the same kind of hubris that permeates our culture. But we are awake now and we cannot shut our eyes, so we must do what we can. So we looked for ways to work on these problems while learning from the mistakes of past trailblazers. Our first step was realizing that whatever fields we worked on had to come from our deepest roots of passion and love. Passionless activism is an oxymoron.

We looked within ourselves and spent years in introspection trying to understand ourselves. What feeds us? What actions elicit the strongest feelings? How can we drive ourselves harder? How can we run faster, farther, better, stronger? What demons inside us can we cut deals with that will allow us to keep trudging on through pain, through failure, through rejection, through anguish, through exhaustion.

We have had congress with:

  • The great Giant Duty
  • The volcano woman Anger
  • The beast Adrenaline

After years spent studying, meditating, introspecting, being broken and reconstructed, finding heroes, and building allies we declared ourselves ready.

The next step for us was figuring out who we would talk with. Where do we have the most leverage? Where can we make the most difference? The answer, of course, comes from love. We categorically reject the arrogance of activists who try to change others because they “love” them. That misunderstands love AND activism. The only reason people open their ears, eyes, mind, and heart is love. Not externally imposed love, but love that comes from within. Be it love for themselves, love for a friend, love for an idea, love for a child, love for a lover. We intend to be active within the following communities because they love us. They welcome(d) us. They nurture(ed) us. They took our shaking hands, gently walked us through the dangerous parts of our minds, told our monsters that it was OK to come and play, that they were safe now, and in doing so they gave us the keys to unlock our powers. We owe them our lives. They nourish something deep within us. They are the secret gardens in which we have bloomed.

  • The Neopagan demographic
  • The kink scene
  • Body modification enthusiasts
  • Sustainability politics
  • Transgressive Artists
  • Science fiction/fantasy geekdom

When we understood who we could talk to we had to thrash out what we had to say. We don’t really have the answer yet but we have a few starting themes:

  • Every object in our lives deserves to be treated as sacred
  • Regular consumption of the awe-full, the mysterious, and the unknown is an essential part of a balanced emotional diet.
  • We believe in seeking intimacy, relishing the intimacy we find, and taking joy in the intimacy our loved ones find.
  • Respectfully questioning social norms makes our society stronger.
  • Our integrity is something that should be treated as part of our bodies. It needs daily care, maintenance, and respect.
  • Confronting our fears by bringing intensity into our lives and loves helps can help us live more meaningful lives.
  • The future, no matter how bleak it may seem, deserves our attention. Considering how important it is we must do everything in our power to forge an alliance with the future.
  • The absolute minimum we owe it to the people who died that we might live is to be awake, aware, and present for the events that are happening around us.
  • Every part of our bodies, bodily functions, and body processes is beautiful and deserving of our untempered celebration.

We intend explore these themes through our own writing, art, performance, scening, and ritual. We also intend to encourage others to explore these themes through classes, presentations, facilitation (of rituals, scenes, and art), consulting, bearing witness to experiences of others, and chronicling them (please see our services page for more details).

We begin this endeavour with humility. It might be stillborn, we might lose interest, we might fail. We are inexperienced, we are young, we have few resources. We are young salmon desperately searching for a place we barely understand. However, we are intelligent, powerful, talented and we have the potential to revolutionise the world.

Watch out, we’re coming.