How are we different from every other group of young people who set out to change the world?
Frankly, we aren’t. Right now we are larva, we are crawling blindly on the ground trying to feel for the next step, we are young, we are inexperienced, we don’t really know what we’re doing. But we are all talented, highly intelligent, ambitious beings who intend to revolutionize the world.

So…what exactly do you do?
We do body mod performance. We design rituals and rites of passage. We do art. We write. We live examined lives. We live in the mythic.

Why are you doing this in public
To let the world know that we are coming, and that it should probably watch out.
To chronicle our journey so that our friends and future selves can see what we are doing/did and thinking/thought
To lay down the gauntlet to our future selves to inspire us to be the people we want to become

I have a really amazing idea for a ritual/art piece/performance/body mod, will you pay for it?
Sadly no, but we want to hear about it anyway! This a labor of love and although we are happy to give you our input we cannot, at this time, help you out much.